Olga Buzova became the leading news channel Central

Ольга Бузова стала ведущей новостей центрального канала
The star spoke about his new image.

Olga Buzova

Olga Buzova starred in the series “Chernobyl 2. Exclusion zone” leading news “First
educational channel TNT”. The show’s second season will begin on channel TV3 on 10 November. The world series is very similar to ours, it is inhabited by those
the same people, including media persons, but the familiar elements of our reality changed. So, Olga
Buzova in the world of the second season of “Chernobyl” is simply a newsreader. On television, the “First education” it will appear in humble attire: purple
jacket over dress fuchsia knee. “Hello, comrades! In the air
the program “Time forward” — with these words she turns to the viewers with
screens. Shooting with Olga Buzova took place in the main Studio of the TV channel
“Match TV” in Ostankino.

“This is an unexpected role for me and for
the audience and a new way, — said Olga. — I play a leading news
the Central channel and tell the audience about the situation in the country and the world. Interesting
had to play with this image, and imagine what I would be in this world
“Chernobyl”. There’s a whole universe, made with humor and imagination, and hope
that the audience will appreciate it.”

The action of the second season kicks off in alternative
the reality created in the style of retro-futurism, where the USSR collapsed and became
the main world superpower, the leader of advanced technologies and legislator
mod. The characters have to go to the USA. “Chernobyl
2. Exclusion zone” became the first Russian TV series, filmed in Hollywood with
by popular American actors involved in such large
Hollywood projects like “fast and furious”, “Mullholand drive”, “Game of thrones”,
“Homeland,” “American horror story”, “the x-files”, “Fast
help”, “Star trek” and others.

Each of the series of the second season is a separate
genre – elements of a disaster movie, Thriller, mystical Thriller, retro-drama
consistently woven into the story, while the main characters are looking for ways
to prevent another nuclear disaster.