Ольге Бузовой стало плохо во время выступления в Петербурге On Friday evening in the capital of culture took place the concert of stars of show business, dedicated to Valentine’s Day. On a large-scale event was also attended by TV presenter Olga Buzova. Star made fans pretty worried: she was feeling unwell and urgently left the scene.

      Ольге Бузовой стало плохо во время выступления в Петербурге

      Famous TV host and now singer Olga Buzova took part in the festival Big Love Show. Beauty performed two smash hit — “the sounds of kissing” and “Used”. Vyporhnut on stage in a white pantsuit in the company of four dancers, Olga said, “Hey, my favorite city!” The audience greeted their favorite with applause, and a 12-seat Ice Palace of St. Petersburg began to sing in her voice the song.

      Despite the fact that Olga is now experiencing a difficult period in my life because of the divorce, she keeps a stiff upper lip, and plunged into work, putting on and even activities as a singer. Sings Buzova so that got to the top of the charts, but looks like it is not enough. From his speech she decided to do a mini-show.

      Ольге Бузовой стало плохо во время выступления в Петербурге

      Over the white suit, where she is jumping, dancing, many people do not notice the silver studs Olga explicit new clothes from famous designers, which Buzova really hadn’t “run”. During her speech, she repeatedly pointed to the dancers on these shoes. When I finished the first song, the elegant Olga opened the jacket and pants, then left in a red lace bodysuit, while continuing to excite the audience with a rousing dances. And towards the end of the room turned to one of the dancers, something whispering in his ear.

      Then Olga walked up to him, and athletic guy famously picked up the fragile girl and carried her to the stairs leading to the stage. It was all done to music. Therefore, some viewers do not even guessed that the citizens of St. Petersburg fainted. However, fans Buzova started to worry about their idol.

      A few minutes, Olga came to himself, and the correspondent of “StarHit”, passing by the artist, saw the way she rubbed his sore feet. That night, the star decided to ignore the communication with journalists: pulling the hood over his head, she then raced past korrespondentov with a limp.

      In his microblog Buzova Olga thanked the fans for their support and apologized for the fact that she is overwhelmed with emotions. By the way, before star was admitted that very much was nervous before a performance. “Wet palms, legs are trembling, heart beating so hard that I can hear it knocking”, — shared she.