Olga Buzova became depressed because of the divorce

Ольга Бузова впала в депрессию из-за развода

The presenter is going through hard break with her husband.

The last photo with Dmitry Tarasov Buzova published exactly a month ago, on October 10, then the couple together broke the concert of their friend T-killah. And then in the family Tarabrikov came disorder.

Already a month fans are wondering: divorced Olga and Dimitri or not? Leading does not respond directly to questions, but every entry in social networks (except posts) are full of sadness.

So yesterday at night she published speaking the words of Vladimir Vysotsky:

“Life will put everything in places

She will punish and judge

For not then, not there

We were by fate.

Not with those not then agreed

In the side watching,

Not been evaluated by life.”

Your post is the leading reinforced a gloomy picture next to the wrought-iron fence, subscribers immediately dubbed this place the cemetery and agreed that Buzova, apparently, in deep depression…

“Very sorry for you, Ol’, hold on! A happy and loved woman you will necessarily like you, you’re not alone!” write girls.

However, when one of the fans believe in the sincerity of Oli and the family of the spouses has serious problems, some believe that Buzova itself dismisses rumors about divorce, to attract attention to his person.

“It seems to me that it’s just a stupid PR and all of them well. Signed to each other, the photo is not removed. If so, then it’s very stupid,” favors the skeptics.

What is true is anyone’s guess. Now Olga, along with her friend Marina travels to Spain, Dmitry Tarasov there.