Olga Buzova bathed in love

Ольга Бузова купается в любви The actress released a new song, which will be her first solo album. Fresh track Olga Buzova tells about love and that not every fan can win a woman’s heart. Admirers of teledive was delighted.
Ольга Бузова купается в любви

Today, eighth day of September, longtime leading “House-2” Olga Buzova posted another song that fans have already accepted. The song “Hit parade” celebrity has dedicated to all the girls who dream about real feelings. According to celebrity, the text urges fans to treat yourself more tenderly and carefully choose a life partner.

“This song is about loving yourself. “You don’t get into the hit parade of my thoughts, don’t send me any more letters…” I Recently decided for myself that it is better to be alone than with just anyone. Girls, we need to remember to love and appreciate yourself! If we are not going to do that, then we can hardly somebody to love”, – wrote in the microblog Olga.

Not surprisingly, followers were quick to come and see it, and then leave comments in Instagram idol. Users of social networks assume that the track star describes personal experiences and own novel, which evolved into something more. In addition, they noted stylish arrangements and heartfelt text fresh track.

“Olga, you always sing with your heart and about yourself! I was so hooked on the line: “Love doesn’t always work”. Perhaps you’re talking about your relationships with men?”, “Song is fire! Definitely a new hit! Don’t worry: unlucky in love temporarily, but career up!”, “You’re so sincere, don’t waste it! Am already downloaded and removed the headphones. And my love we’ll meet, what our years” – supported creativity Buzova fans.

It is worth noting that the media personality is really a long time can not find a soul mate and all time devotes to work, new projects and personal care. She recently posted in a microblog post, which was shared with fans feelings at the expense of personal life. The girl admitted that she wants to find the perfect choice, which will be able to win her heart. Strength in weakness: loneliness Buzova, the hardships Borodina and injuries Utyasheva

“It’s been almost a year and I still can’t afford to keep. And men recently “crushed”. No offense. I hope this does not affect all, and somewhere walking on this earth “my” people. But I don’t want to settle for less. The longer I am alone, the higher my bar in the relationship. I need a story, need these men’s actions. Now my tears stream down my cheeks. Lately with me it happens often, but I never no show. No one wants to see tears, smile, a lightness and positivity,” said Olga.