Ольга Бузова оценила романтическое уединение Дмитрия Тарасова Leading like a rave review to the publication of ex-lover. Action Buzova has caused a great resonance among its subscribers. Apparently, the celebrity accidentally put “like” someone else’s statement, because very soon Olga and Dmitry will become a free people.

      Ольга Бузова оценила романтическое уединение Дмитрия Тарасова

      This Friday Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov finally disperse. The marriage of TV presenter and athlete will be terminated in one of registry offices of Moscow. Until recently, the fans of the couple hoping for their reunion, but that didn’t happen. Recently, however, the action Buzova caused the faint hope of a possible reconciliation stars. Celebrity appreciated the response to the recent video of ex-lover where he shoots himself with the help of a drone. “Tarasov, you’re handsome,” wrote one of the fans of the player. Buzova left a mark “like” to this comment.

      The effect of Olga has caused discussion among users of social networks. They wondered: did the master continues to have feelings for the spouse? But most of those who follow the life Buzova, came to the conclusion that she did it accidentally. Apparently, a celebrity read the comments to the publication of the athlete.

      Note also that from the moment I became aware of the complexities in the relationship Tarasov and Buzova, the stars themselves prefer to refrain from detailed explanations about what happened in their family. Only in a recent interview with the presenter, who categorically refuses to comment on the separation with my husband, answered some personal questions. Celebrity regrets that he exhibited his emotions and feelings. “I guess I’m to blame,” – said Buzova.

      Olga Buzova about breaking up with her husband: “I’m to blame”

      However, the leading optimistic about the future and believes that it is not necessary to delve into the past. Olga’s relatives believe she is still to come, and wish the girl to find true love. “I try to live again, but in order to reboot, you need to fully understand to go through and get rid of this situation,” frankly confessed the star.

      Recall that after parting with Dmitry Tarasov Olga Buzova plunged into work. The celebrity took an exclusive interview with Michael Fassbender and other actors of the film “assassin’s Creed”, and actively performs with the song “the sounds of kissing.” In the future, Olga plans to present a solo program. Despite the criticism faced by Buzova, it does not intend to surrender and give up. Star is going to scale new heights, this time in the music industry.