Olga Buzova announced the opening of a fast food restaurant

Ольга Бузова сообщила об открытии ресторана фаст-фуда
Olga Buzova is at the peak of popularity some time ago, it launched its cryptocurrency, and now decided to open his own restaurant in the center of Moscow.

Ольга Бузова сообщила об открытии ресторана фаст-фуда

Finally Olga has ceased to torment the expectations of their fans and revealed details of the new project. According to some information, it will be a fast food establishment, similar rumors have been for quite some time.

Ольга Бузова сообщила об открытии ресторана фаст-фуда

“I promised you to make a place where you can tasty, healthy, and most importantly inexpensive meal? And here I have his word traditionally keep. In the center of my beloved Moscow I will very soon open his first restaurant BUZfood. We with a team of professionals (and others close to me never happens) scrutinized the project concept and its menu, focusing on not only fast, but healthy food! On the menu are various salads, hot dishes and drinks that we will do according to original recipes. Now the restaurant in the middle of being renovated, and after a couple of months we will open the doors to my first restaurant,” shared Olga.

In my opinion Buzova already managed to try almost all areas of show business. She is a designer, singer, actress, TV presenter, and now restaurateur.

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