Olga Buzova and Nastasya Samburski will meet face to face after the scandal

Ольга Бузова и Настасья Самбурская встретятся лицом к лицу после громкого скандала The eighth of March in one of the shopping centers of Moscow will take place a modular concert of stars of show business. Invited to participate Olga Buzova and Nastasya Samburski. Despite the recent conflict, maybe the girls will still have to see.

      Public arguments between undisputed leading “House-2” and star of “Univer” caused a lot of noise in the Network. Fans of long time experienced trying to understand the situation and support your favorite artist. Themselves beauty is also in the side was left and in every possible way warmed up interest to the topic, devoting each other’s posts on Instagram and commenting on entries.

      But, in our show business such artists it is impossible to avoid, because the concert organizers are trying to gather under one roof as many stars as possible. Invitation Samburski and Buzova for the event is clear – in recent years the popularity of the two girls had reached enormous proportions. The eighth of March to congratulate women with the international holiday scene of the shopping center “European” vyduet and Nastasia, Olga.

      Recall that the hostility of the trust Drobysh to the media personality began after the statements of the famous producer Maxim Fadeev, who believes that the award “Breakthrough of the year” is more worthy to Buzova than the actress. Apparently, such a view greatly hurt the performer, and she dedicated several posts with references to the Maxim Alexandrovich and colleagues.

      Samburski turned to Fadeyev: “You are a rotten person”

      “Come on, Maxim Fadeev, Olga crack up, just because I refused the clip from Seryabkina to withdraw for health reasons. There is need of heavy workouts, a day, and I was still banned from exercise, and I explained it. Petty revenge on your part, max,” said the followers Samburski.

      By the way, leading telestroke not hide the fact that always very nervous before going on stage. For example, before the concert on the stage of St. Petersburg – “ice” – Buzova were struggling to cope with emotions.

      Olga Buzova continued scandal Nastasya Samburski

      “… To Say that you are nervous is to say nothing… Wet palms, legs are trembling, heart beating so hard that I hear his knock. I’m in my hometown… the more worried… After all, it is important that you liked my performance. In the hall of my family… Mom, dad, grandma… Best friend… Friends… I feel your love and support. I’ll sing for You, my Peter…I love you,” is a touching spoken brunette.