Olga Buzova and Ksenia Borodina preparing to shoot a movie

Ольга Бузова и Ксения Бородина готовятся к съемкам в кино TV presenters took part in the show “Where is the logic?” on channel TNT. Previously, star has starred in the program, and they even managed to win. This time celebrities competed with Garik Kharlamov and Timur by Batrutdinova. During the game it became clear that both women would be the main roles in the film.

      Ольга Бузова и Ксения Бородина готовятся к съемкам в кино

      Olga Buzova and Ksenia Borodina competed in a logical quests with Garik Kharlamov and Timur by Batrutdinova. The stars tried to determine what unites the three pictures to build a coherent chain after passing the test, staged in the hotel room, and also remember what the movie was one or the other quote. During this task, the show’s host Azamat Musagaliev asked celebrities, what roles they would like to sing in the movie.

      Olga and Xenia did not hide from the audience that was happy to accept the offer from some Director. Each of them has their own little dream that they would like to bring to life. For example, Buzova would love to play one of the characters from favorite works of literature. However, it does not deny that sympathetic to genre fiction, so wouldn’t have to abandon filming in such tape.

      “I would like to play in “the Little lady of the big house” by Jack London or anything from early dick Francis. But in General I like fantasy, I would play the invisible man of H. G. wells,” admitted Olga.

      Ksenia Borodina also noted that the cinema could bring her great pleasure. Only she said that he would like to claim a place Kate Winslet in the Oscar-winning film of James Cameron’s “Titanic.”

      “It would be cool to star in “Titanic.” I would love to have played instead of rose. I would have added a spit over the fence. Remember this episode?” – joked the presenter.

      Note that by the end of the competitions leading “House-2” gave the victory to the residents of Comedy Club, but they, apparently, were not disappointed. Throughout the program of a celebrity a lot of joking and laughing.