Ольга Бузова и Елена Темникова зажгли на девичнике TV presenter and the singer arrived in one of the suburban restaurants for their friend Maria Gural staged the last party in the status of unmarried ladies. Soon the girl combined in matrimony to rapper ILO.

      Olga Buzova, Lena Temnikova and many other girls gathered in a Moscow restaurant “Birds and bees” where is the slumber party of Mary, which will soon be the wife of rapper Mota. Girls dressed in white t-shirts with the words “Mary me “mafia”, and the heads of the guests were decorated with accessories in a colored wedding veils.

      The party takes place near the pool, located on the territory of the restaurant complex. Good waiters that are responsible for comfort on holiday and the guest services, allowed the girls to have a fountain of wine. Olga Buzova took the video, in which laughing girls pour on top of the towers of glass cups of beverage, reminiscent of pink wine. Due to the heat and merriment of the bridesmaids already stripped down to their swimwear. At the time of a game in bartenders guests professional photographer.

      In the midst of the evening, joined the company Lena Temnikova. Maria with friends posted in his video as they dance under fashion hits. In a small clip on the wet hair visible, before the disco some girls have already managed to plunge into the pool on such a hot July day.

      By the way, the bride Maria does not disclose the date of marriage. She probably will get married this or next weekend, because, according to tradition, the bride having a bachelorette party right before the wedding. Maria managed to pull the clip Mota “Trap”, and the artist has repeatedly said that the girl inspires him to create new musical masterpieces.

      “Remember, I received a notice that I have added to Instagram, but, frankly, if I about it knew nothing. When I went to his page, saw the guy pretty and, as it turned out, a member of the record label Black Star Inc. I added it in response, and began commenting on photos. Then we began to correspond, and after some time met in Moscow. Out I came with a friend. We sat with her and suddenly flies Matthew with the phrase: “I have just from a tour!” At first I didn’t like it, but 10 minutes later everything changed. It is difficult to Express those feelings. His crazy burning eyes, and meter eyelashes captivated me instantly” – says Maria of their first meeting with the ILO.

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