Olga Buzova almost became a victim of the maniac

Naked admirer presenter got up on stage during her performances. Olga Buzova did not panic and continued to sing, while beside her stood an unknown fan in the Nude with a bouquet of flowers.

On the eve of one of the capital’s restaurants hosted the pre-party of the festival “Heat”. The event, organized by Emin, Grigory Leps and Sergey Kozhevnikov, will be held from 27 to 30 July in Baku.

To celebrities, who each year perform on the stage in the capital of Azerbaijan, this year will be joined by Olga Buzova. The presenter continues to conquer the music world, releasing hot hits. At the party she pleased the audience, singing the new “Little half” and a favorite of all the song “Used”.

To the surprise of the audience during the performance, Olga came into the room completely naked man with a bouquet of flowers. Without fear of being detained, he went to the scene. Buzova tried not to pay attention to the guy, continuing to sing. One of the things the stranger had the courage and handed her the bouquet, while covering her genitalia with his hands. After that, the young man jumped into the hall, and the guard conducted it to the exit.

A few minutes, the artist kept the bouquet in his hands, and then decided to throw his audience that applause welcomed such a solution of an idol. The video made a splash on social networks. Some fans Buzova suggested that the action was planned by the organizers of the festival.

“It is so”, “Neither shame, nor conscience with you, gentlemen, the organizers of” “He is obviously paid”, “Yes this statement,” said social media users.

After the concert Olga thanked everyone for their support and went home to be treated, because a few days ago she caught a cold. I wish the fans favourite, speedy recovery.

Other guests pre-party began Philip, Alexander Panayotov, geegun, Nikolay Baskov, Alexander Revva, Nyusha, Yulia Baranovskaya, Christina Aguilera and many other stars.