Olga Buzova again in the midst of a scandal

Ольга Бузова снова в эпицентре громкого скандала
The concert of the singer they want to ban in Vladikavkaz.

Olga Buzova

The head coach of Russian national team on free-style wrestling and
the Deputy Dzambolat Tedeev made a statement deeply offended Olga
Buzova. The man was opposed to the singing, the presenter gave a concert
in Vladikavkaz.

The athlete, who also engaged in political
the activity, called “unacceptable speech, newly minted singer, the leading “House-2″
on the Ossetian land.” In conversation with SUPER Olga invited Dzambolat to his
concert and hinted that waiting for him not with empty hands:

“Distinguished coach of Russia in freestyle
the struggle and the Deputy of the Parliament of North Ossetia Dzambolat Tedeev, the first thing I want
to tell You, I love the sport of wrestling and I admire the fighters, because in this kind
sports always only real men that his words will not climb! —
says Buzova. — Thank you for raising them that way. I once was in
Vladikavkaz and know your country very hospitable, so your words
now your only insult the beautiful people, famous love visiting
Ossetia. In Vladikavkaz I have a lot of fans and my people
I look forward to meeting! I was told by the organizers that the concert did not
to get tickets, and I was in your capital waiting for sold out. I don’t know, maybe
it is a fact who that you are unable to purchase a ticket for my beautiful show “Under
kissing sounds” you so upset that you decided to contact the organizers
the requirement to violate the laws and the Constitution of the Russian Federation. I like
the girl, understanding your position, ready to personally invite you to my show
“The sounds of kisses” in Vladikavkaz on April 29. I’ll wait for you and remember, I
like roses. And everyone else wishing to draw my attention to myself, I want
to advise not to do stuff and not
to decide for the people to whom and where to go. Just remember that it is a violation of the law, and
You mean criminal. With love and goodness, Your Olga Buzova”.