Ольга Бузова о травме: «Теперь у меня след на запястье на всю жизнь» The star told fans of her favorite ornament is hand injury. During a speech at the award “Golden path” Olga Buzova felt that she’s bleeding. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that the bracelet cut the wrist of the artist.

      On Saturday evening at the “Crocus city Hall” ceremony “soundtrack”. At the concert dedicated to the presentation of the award was made by Olga Buzova. Artist performed their hits “the sounds of kissing” and “Used”. The audience greeted their favorite with applause. The star of the reality show “Dom-2” was moving rhythmically, accompanied by groups of dancers. After the performance, the girl hastily left the scene, and later it turned out that she had a broken arm.

      Fans seriously excited. After all, a few weeks ago Olga didn’t feel well during a number, and took her from the stage. Buzova decided to appease the fans and told what had happened on the “Sound track”. Olga Buzova was injured during a performance

      “I never thought that the bracelet is a nail, about which I dreamed for so long, and fail me at the most inopportune moment. Now I have a mark on your wrist for life. Doctor who yesterday was bandaged, said that before the wedding live! Thank God, I’m not going there. What other tests I’ll make a scene known only to her!” – said Olga.

      Buzova showed how in the dressing room, she treated the wound and put a bandage. In the comments to the post, the star explained that the bracelet got caught in her lace bodysuit, and she too strongly pulled a hand. Fans of Olga advised her to take care of yourself. “Clever! Hold on! Everything will be okay!” “Olga, you can’t give up! But the memory of a lifetime”, “Olga, we were at this concert and saw it happen. You’re a big lad, no matter what, worked his room. Very worried for you. Speedy recovery to you!” – wrote followers Olga.

      The presenter devotes herself to work. After the divorce with Dmitry Tarasov star in no hurry to have a new relationship. As told Olga, she suffered a hard breakup with her husband. She could cry for several hours a day and eat nothing. “I planned my future: see it as her husband and children, but now the main thing – career. But at home I have three dogs, we are a lovely family. I hope will not turn into an avid dog person and age will not make them 50” – told Buzova.