Olga Buzova about personal experiences: “I’m tired of this whole game”

Ольга Бузова о личных переживаниях: «Мне надоела вся эта игра» The TV presenter posted on Twitter a poem in which we are talking about the hypocrisy that occurs in life. Fans supported the star in the comments of a post and tried to convince her that things will get better soon.

      For about two weeks not cease talking about the discord in the family of Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov. For a certain period of time a couple lives together. The presenter did not comment on what is happening, but, judging by the posts on the pages in social networks, she is experiencing not the best times.

      In his microblog Buzova published a new poem without the name of the author. In these lines says that in life there is a lot of deception and hypocrisy. According to celebrity, in any situation is to listen only to the heart, as it will not lie. Scandal in the family of Olga Buzova: money, child, and other reasons for the separation

      Magical colors of autumn draws.

      The singing of birds. The smell of fire.

      The heart is sometimes so much pining.

      I’m tired of this whole game.

      All present from God,

      Everything is real only inside.

      Everyone in life has its own way after all.

      Someone else, don’t you dare, don’t ever judge!

      And under any circumstances listen

      Only himself. Only your heart.

      Don’t sell anyone my soul.

      From falsehood to try and protect her.

      In the world too many masks,

      Ad nauseam. To salty tears.

      All present from God,

      All lightweight wind blew.

      Fans praised the creation of Olga and left nice comments to the post. “Olga, hang on! You’re the best, kind, positive and sincere, you’ll be fine! I wish you only happiness”, “Olga will be fine, don’t worry. If you have something left, then it was not yours”, “You are our pride! You are the man, whom many take an example! Your not leaving you! Keep your head up, baby! Look in the mirror, smile! Sure! You wonder of wonders!”, “Life is full of surprises, sometimes not needed and terrible. Olenka, be strong, everything will pass, you just have to experience it,” wrote the followers of the star.

      Dmitry Tarasov told about the breakup with Olga Buzova

      In the Network there are many rumors about the relationship between Buzova and Tarasov. The player also refused to tell reporters what happened to leading. Dmitry proposed to refer the matter directly to Olga. Meanwhile, the young woman tries not to faint. To sad thoughts assailed her, she has completely immersed himself in work. At the moment Buzova starred in the film “Burn”, and is also involved in four projects of the channel TNT.