Olga Buzova about calls Tarasov: “You ruined my life…”

Ольга Бузова о звонках Тарасову: «Ты испортил мне всю жизнь...»
TV presenter admitted that he was ready to reconnect with her ex-husband.

Olga Buzova

Photo: @buzova86 (Instagram Olga Buzova)

Olga Buzova a few days ago I went to America, where she planned the shooting. Taking advantage of the working visit, the TV star travels the country, stopping in the most famous cities. Yesterday Olga has traveled to Las Vegas, where he spent a memorable night. Apparently, Buzova called for a noisy party, the consequences of which he spoke the next day.

One of the most vivid memories of Olga on the time spent in Las Vegas was the desire to call her ex-husband Dmitry Tarasov and give him what she thinks about it. “And now, briefly: 1. What happened in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas. 2. I’m already in LA, and I’m good. 3. New tattoos were found on the body. 4. I’m not married. 5. I’m not calling the former with the words: asshole, you ruined my life (though, really wanted to)! This trip, we do all remember forever,” shared Olga.

Interestingly, the company Buzova in Las Vegas made the soloist of group “Chelsea” the novel Arhipov. He also could not resist the comment about the night: “Yes, it was very fun!” The true purpose of the trip Olga while fans did not disclose, but the Network has information that Buzova flew to the States for filming a new music video.