Olga Budina has devoted herself to charity

Ольга Будина посвятила себя благотворительности

42-year-old actress Olga Budina’s three years in films, because her new passion was charity. The girl has his Foundation that helps orphans.

Ольга Будина посвятила себя благотворительности

“Perhaps I had a period in life when you need a pause, – has shared with “Companion” actress. – I have a charity Foundation “Safeguarding the future”. We help children-orphans and children left without parental care. This is exactly what excites me by far!”

This big break is not surprising, because Olga never really made no plans for a career as an actress. At school she was fond of philosophy, Ethnography and Philology. Many Hobbies — it’s not bad, but when forced to choose between them — in life comes a turning point. Because of this, Budina after school didn’t get in anywhere and the whole year was thinking what it wants to see itself in the future. So once, passing by the Theatre school named after Schukin, she saw students. Despite the fact that their behavior angered her, she decided to come back.

“Inside of me was a Grand disturbance, – says the actress. – These students dared behave so badly! They managed to throw cigarette butts, behaved vypendrezha in the temple arts. I didn’t want to be like them, but the most interesting thing I did with the first, which for a long time then surprised. At first I thought that I was kidding and something is fishy here.”

Ольга Будина посвятила себя благотворительности

After graduation she became famous thanks to her roles in TV series and movies. Every shooting has brought her new challenges. For example, on the set of the series “the Border. Taiga novel” she was forbidden to eat, because according to the Director of the well-fed actor playing sluggish. “If he saw what I was eating, he unceremoniously turned the plate. He spoke directly: “So, is not to give her!” Just hunger I starved. The horror!”, says Olga.

But that’s not all the trials that met a girl on the path to glory. For the filming of “Stalin’s Wife” she had to put on weight by 15 pounds, and for the film “the Romanovs. The Imperial family” at all to shave my head bald. But the actress was all naughty. “I am often asked about how hard it was for me to get a haircut. I’m a little tired to answer this question. If you can’t afford to shave yourself bald or can’t gain weight for the role, and then dump him for the role, just don’t have the profession! Your appearance – this is the tool!” says the actress.

In 2007, she even wrote the book “the Diary of Olga Budina. A talking pregnancy”, which gave advice to expectant mothers. The actress has a son of Naum, which is not allowed to watch TV. But the son always finds the way to mom’s heart. “Naum knows me twist the rope. He is a great Dodger! But if to speak absolutely seriously, we are real friends! We talk a lot, I can consult him on all questions, even about the choice of clothes. Yet we love to travel together.” says the actress.