Ольга Картункова поразила стильным нарядом
Getting rid of the 84 kilograms of weight, Olga Bartunkova ceased to be just a “cool fatty of KVN”.

Ольга Картункова поразила стильным нарядом

Olga has become not only a huge motivator for anyone who wants to lose weight. But to follow women in the body. Fans discuss each new image, hairstyle and makeup teledive.

So recently in the Network there are new photo Olga Bartunkova with fans, where she demonstrates a bold, outfit – black-and-white jacket of interesting cut, which is very Olga stojnic.

“Cool outfit. It’s probably some fashion designer?”

“Perfectly emphasizes the dignity and hides the flaws”

“I want the same thing. Looks very cool”

– writing under the followers. Indeed, a good option for those who wish to hide the weight, but to look stylish.

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