Olga Bartunkova opened a fundraiser for the team of KVN

Ольга Картункова открыла сбор средств для команды КВН Artists can’t get at the traditional summer games. This Olga Bartunkova informed fans on Instagram. It turned out that comedians need material help, to compete for the summer Cup in Kazakhstan.

As a rule, at the beginning of each issue KVN permanent presenter Alexander Maslyakov names of the sponsors who help to organize the event. This time the actors from the team “Pyatigorsk” appeared without the promised financial support. Member of the national team Olga Bartunkova said “StarHit” that the actors are very concerned about what is happening and hope to have time to find a sponsor before the start of the game, which will take place on the first of July.

“Before this we were helped by the Governor of Stavropol territory Vladimir Vladimirov. But because of recent events, when the area was flooded, the money apparently needed there. To us, nothing explained – just said will not help. Don’t really understand how it can be connected, but we were very tired from such situations – this is not the first time. Very sad,” – says Olga with “StarHit”.

Now one of the most popular teams – the “City of Pyatigorsk” – searching for money in all possible ways. According to umoristici, to collect two million 400 thousand rubles they need over the next three days, otherwise they will not have time to buy props and prepare.

“We have no such money. I swear, if they could on their own, would never ask. People write, say, throw the card number – we’ll help where we can. And then how Alexander Vasilyevich Maslyakov will announce sponsors? “Pyatigorsk” thank the people of the country? Only in pride, but this amount still does not gather. Some write: “Oh, so much you earn, can pay for it all ourselves.” People, if you can’t help, then better don’t say anything. And so, frankly, a very unpleasant story. Though the work bring about the salary”, – is a celebrity.

Bartunkova admitted that he still hopes to travel to Kazakhstan together with colleagues and perform well. She also said that for several years faced with similar situations before competition to look for money. According to the woman, they want to show the quality of the rooms and not to lose face in front of audience of millions of viewers

“We need to be creative and to write, and it turns out that we have to solve the problem. To be honest, it wears thin. We apologize to all our dear fans, if we still have to back out of games. We 2011 never failed and showed only good results. Why can’t the people we make promises I don’t know. While we all hope for a miracle and that today still fly to be ready,” said Bartunkova “StarHit”.