Ольга Картункова произвела фурор, показав взрослых детей
The actress posted a photo with his son and daughter.

Olga Bartunkova with his son Alexander and daughter Victoria

Photo: Social Networks

Olga Bartunkova is currently a very popular artist. Her schedule is so busy that it hardly has time to communicate with family. But even Olga with her “steel character” is sometimes overcome by sentimentality and she needs a dose of “cuddling” with loved ones. On the eve Bartunkova published unique family photos, and shared experiences that she has rarely seen children.

“I love you very much! So little time now I can afford… But you know my son and daughter that I will move mountains!” — asked Olga to their children. It is worth noting that Olga is in the picture looks the same age as my daughter and son than impressed subscribers.

Olga had her first child quite early. In 20 years as a College student, Bartunkova decided to marry his first love: a young man named Vitaly. Shortly after the wedding, the couple first child Alexander, and, ten months later daughter Victoria. After the birth of children Olga thought about beginning a career in KVN. She gathered a team and went to conquer the peaks. Her husband took leave to care for children.

Now the children are adults Bartunkova. About their life, Olga said in an interview not willingly, because they do not want to spread its publicity. Alexander and Victoria yet both want to continue the “mom’s problem” and KVN are not in a hurry. Last summer, the daughter Bartunkova went to drama school to learn the profession of screenwriter.