Ольга Картункова ищет деньги на лечение
In his Instagram star of KVN and a show “Once in Russia” Olga Bartunkova “threw a cry for help”.

Ольга Картункова ищет деньги на лечение

Olga posted a post in which he asked all who have the opportunity to help friend and teammate from Pyatigorsk Timur Hajdukou to raise money for treatment.

“Son! Husband! Dad! Friend! A member of our team! Please help … trouble came so fast that no one can believe, but the doctors said that the trouble can be avoided… Tim himself wrote about this! Read it, please”

– says Olga.

“September 10, 2018 I was diagnosed with ACUTE LEUKEMIA.
Now I’m in the regional Oncological dispensary in Stavropol.
Me is ready to take to Moscow for further urgent investigation and treatment.
With me now next to my family, relatives help as they can‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
We need your HELP. We would be grateful if you will not remain indifferent in my life!
I am ready to fight, to live, to work, to be close to my family, to see a daughter growing up!
Card number 5469600025161118
(Map my wife Oli)
The money can be transferred the number of bodies
89283020408 (Sberbank online)
the recipient Olga G. (Wife)
Also opened an account in the savings Bank room
In advance I bow to EACH of you.
Today the question about my transportation to the hospitals in Moscow.
But it’s not so simple. Now there is a risk of internal bleeding because of very low platelets. Or will aviatransportnoe or on the ambulance with a medical team or other safe method.
It will be known in the coming days.
Further, additional examination and treatment in Moscow.
Sorry I can’t reply all the time on the calls because I’m under the dripper and often sleep, tests or doctors.
For calls and messages votsap better room my wife Oli 89283020408.
She tries to have time to answer them all.
I also listen to all voice messages in votsap, thanks for the words of support!!!
My dear Customers!
I’m sorry I won’t be able to hold events in the coming months.
I will try to test out a good substitute!
Thank you Colleagues for the help in this question.
Thank you to everyone for the moral support and financial and help!
I’ll be fine. I promise!!!”

– says in his Instagram Timur.

Ольга Картункова ищет деньги на лечение

Ольга Картункова ищет деньги на лечение

Yesterday in the treatment progress:

“Good evening, my dear
There are no words to describe all my gratitude to you. THANKS AND LOW BOW to EACH of you.
The situation today is the following:
Monday in the afternoon we go to Moscow, where I doubledot will continue to be treated under the policy CHI free.
Money will be needed, perhaps on additional activities OUTSIDE the framework of the OMC, assistance my family that will be there to take care of possible expenses about which we don’t yet know and to further rehabilitation.
Thanks to everyone who helps me and my family.
We are very grateful to you!
Thanks Stavropol Oncology dispensary, all of the Department of Hematology for their treatment and attention!
On the issue of blocking the Card
It works! Payments are no problem. Thank you for not remain indifferent. By Monday, we’ll have more accurate information as was possible to collect. In the future we will give a full report on each collected and spent ruble.
From all our family thank you so much! May God bless you and your family from disasters”.

I hope that this story will have a happy ending.