Olga Bartunkova justified for their “bad” photos

Ольга Картункова оправдалась за свои «худые» снимки в Сети The actress surprised the intimate shots that I saw on the Internet. According to Bartunkova, many sites use her photos, however, greatly alter the proportions of the body, and lying about how she lost weight.

The star of the show “Once in Russia” Olga Bartunkova get rid of excess weight. The actress had a hard time: she was following a diet and attending fitness training. She managed to lose 84 pounds. Such changes in appearance of the actress did not go unnoticed. Many sites on the Internet devoted to diet and nutrition, began to use pictures Bartunkova. However, the pictures were processed with a graphic editor, so not true. As noted by Olga herself in the microblog, it has no such parameters and hips.

“I’m certainly not against such priests, but the guys, well, although it comes learn photoshop to do. Are there people who believe it? Straight interesting. Every day I write and send such tricks. Please, advertisers, stop, beware the wrath of a patient man” – turned actress to those who distribute such images.

Users of the social network have laughed at the collage and said that Olga now looks great. The actress has repeatedly admitted that I’d not agreed to promote any means to get rid of excess weight.

“Some accounts without permission on my behalf to promote liquid chestnut and calorie blocker. But I have these “wonder drug” for any money advance would not, all this garbage. As the notorious black mask to clean pores, which is teeming with the Internet. We tried daughter – senseless means. All her hair yanked while I was off, roaring with pain. If ever something will crack up in the blog, you know – have experienced it myself, and for the quality guarantee. Bartunkova bullshit advise will not! And anyway, I think everyone needs to do their job,” said Olga in an interview with “StarHit”.

We will remind that Olga took part in the contest “lose Weight with StarHit”. Then, it was not possible to achieve this goal, but the process of losing weight was running. The second attempt was more successful.

“I completely refused from sweet, excluded from the diet bread, switched to a separate power supply. Eat small portions 5-6 times a day, mostly fruits, vegetables, chicken breast. I read a lot of literature about losing weight – I can help! The result for the year – minus 61 kg” – shared the star of “Once in Russia”.