Olga Bartunkova approached the sponsors asking

Ольга Картункова обратилась к спонсорам с просьбой
Fans of KVN know that at the beginning of each issue presenter Alexander Maslyakov thanked the sponsors who assist the teams.

Ольга Картункова обратилась к спонсорам с просьбой

But as it turned out, the team of KVN “Pyatigorsk” was left without the promised money and asks for the help of sponsors.

Team member Olga Bartunkova told reporters about the situation, explaining that the games, which will take place on the first of July, the team can’t go because of money issues.

“Before this we were helped by the Governor of Stavropol territory Vladimir Vladimirov. But because of recent events, when the area was flooded, the money apparently needed there. To us, nothing explained – just said will not help. Don’t really understand how it can be connected, but we were very tired from such situations – this is not the first time. Very disappointing” – says Olga.

Let’s hope that the team will find financial support and will participate in the games.

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