Olga Arntgolts is expecting a baby

Ольга Арнтгольц ждет ребенка The actress was seen on the verge of one of the Moscow female consultation. Journalists argue that Olga is pregnant from Director Dmitry Peter, a former civil wife Olga Krasko. The alleged chosen one Arntgolts does not deny his relationship with the actress.

      Ольга Арнтгольц ждет ребенка

      In mass media appeared information that the 34-year-old actress Olga Arntgolts expecting her second child. The girl was seen on the threshold of a capital women’s clinic. According to journalists, interesting position of the actress were given small stomach, which Olga was hiding under a large long sweater. The actress visited the office of us and went home to his apartment in Central Moscow.

      The journalists also managed to find out who is the lucky father of the child Arntgolts. Surrounded by the actress saying she had an affair with Director Dmitry Petrunin, the former civil husband of Olga Krasko and the father of her daughter Olesya. Colleague Arntgolts, actress Anne Vertinsky, has confirmed to the correspondent of one of capital Newspapers that the actress is indeed in an interesting position, and her new boyfriend is a Petrun.

      According to Vertinskaya, Olga and Dmitry met during the filming of the series “Officer’s wife”. Anna claims that Petrun immediately identified Arntgolts and was surrounded by her care. Some scenes of the TV show was filmed in Ukraine during Maidan, so for security purposes, actress and Director spent a lot of time together not only at work but also after it. Vertinsky argues that it has brought together movie stars.

      Ольга Арнтгольц ждет ребенка

      We will remind that Olga Arntgolts left with the previous elect Vakhtang Beridze in 2015. Anna, two year old daughter of the pair, to live with her mother. Father of actress albert Arntgolts told “StarHit” that the actors were long-standing difficulties in communication, so their breakup was predictable. “Disappeared the romance that was before. Just love, and both at the same time. A year and a half ago, they disagreed, but then decided to try to keep the family together for a little girl. But it did not…” said albert Alfonsovich.

      Tatyana Arntgolts left Grigory Antipenko, Olga Arntgolts divorced her husband

      At the moment, Olga Arntgolts getting ready to again become a mother. According to journalists, the actress went on maternity leave: she refuses roles in the movie and no longer Shine on the stage of the Theatre of Nations. Colleague Olga told about what the role of Laura Wingfield in the play “the Glass menagerie” are now performed by Alla Yuganova.

      Media representatives also got in touch with the alleged lover Arntgolts. Ex-boyfriend of Olga Krasko does not deny that he had an affair with a famous actress. However, other details, the man chose not to share. “Write this: “It’s a military secret!” At least until…” – said the Director of “Express newspaper”.