Олеся Железняк срывается на крик, когда дети ее обманывают Actress reproaches himself for the temper. Olesya Zheleznyak admitted that is always very fast and forget about the anger. The star of the movie “silver Lily” confessed that some of the heirs took over her character traits, which sometimes lead to tragicomic situations.
Олеся Железняк срывается на крик, когда дети ее обманывают

Actress Olesya Zheleznyak and has four children – 14-year-old Sam, 11-year-old Agafia, 7-year-old Prokhor and 4-year-old Thomas. Despite the fact that she is the mother of many children, the artist has found a balance between work and family. She tries to spend as much time as possible with family, although involved in many productions. Oles admits that poorly versed in modern technologies – it’s not in social networks, because only recently she changed touchtone phone to a smartphone, and therefore are accustomed to resolve all issues in a spirited conversation. Children feel that mother is not always able to check their grades in the electronic diary, and often disingenuous, speaking of success.

“Savely periodically podviraet, tells me that excellence. And when I get to the electronic diary (still don’t understand how to use it — husband shows), discover that all is not so joyful. See “threes” and “twos”, and here become severe and start to yell. Then depart. And all is forgotten until next time” – confessed artist.
Олеся Железняк срывается на крик, когда дети ее обманывают

Iron ore is upset that the kids have adopted some of her traits that she would like to eradicate. But now she had no choice but to accept them for what they are. “I very hypochondriac since my childhood. And Sam was gone to me. One day he fell and struck his hand. I asked him: “Sam, did you ever have sharp pain?” He asked me: “pain?!” … Fainted,” recalled Olesya.

Oles Zheleznyak: “In difficult moments lie on the bed and cry”

Олеся Железняк срывается на крик, когда дети ее обманывают

Despite the fact that many mothers prefer to give their children to kindergartens, believing that is where the child learn how to communicate with others, the actress was of a different opinion. She told in an interview Womanhit.ru that socialization will affect any person, especially in her family of four children.

“I didn’t do this and don’t do on principle. I believe that kindergarten is a place of grief for children. You know, some of us have to do it out of despair. But the child can not be good without my mom. However, Prokhorov Agasa went into the garden the year before school, they were warned, but it was held in the free mode, every day and before dinner. And I myself in my childhood nor in any groups, besides school, was not. Even summer camps, although I’m the third child in the family. I like to sit at home and wait for mom from work”, – admitted the actress.