Olesya Sudzilovskaya teaches 3-month-old son to speak and read

Олеся Судзиловская учит 3-месячного сына говорить и читать

Actress Olesya Sudzilovskaya for the second time became a mother in Epiphany – January 19. Now the son of star cinema for three months, but she already has closely approached to the issue of his education.

Олеся Судзиловская учит 3-месячного сына говорить и читать

Seek the help from professionals, Sudzilovskaya mastered two techniques that should help to make the baby as soon as possible learned to read and write.

As recognized Olesya, with the eldest son it was about the same, which has led to excellent results: “At the time, says star, I worked with the eldest son Artem “Mathematics from the cradle”: the results were fantastic. As the focus! At first the work seems insurmountable, but later used to it, get extraordinary pleasure from communication, play and learning child!”

We will remind, as Sudzilovskaya, high hopes for their children lays Maxim Galkin.


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