Олег Яковлев на грани жизни и смерти

Former member of the trio “Ivanushki International” Oleg Yakovlev is on the verge of life and death, and doctors assess his condition as extremely serious.

As reports the edition Days.ru, 47-year-old singer got in a Metropolitan private clinic a few days ago and now connected to the ventilator. What happened with the artist, is still unknown.
We will remind that Oleg Yakovlev has got in group “Ivanushki International” soon after the departure of his predecessor Igor Sorin, who committed suicide because of depression caused by lack of demand. In 2013, Yakovlev went in solo sailing, but it was not too successful – to dazzle the pop firmament, he e was able, remaining in the memory of the audience one of the band members. What led to such a deplorable state is trying to establish journalists.