Олега Яковлева кремируют

This morning domestic show-business was shocked by reports that the famous Russian singer Oleg Yakovlev, the former soloist of group “Ivanushki International”, left this world for 49 year of life. The tragic news was announced by his civilian wife of Alexander Kutsevol. A few hours later she told that the funeral Yakovlev will not have his body cremated.

According to insiders, Oleg proved to be a shining example of the self-medication kills. Too late he went to the doctor with bilateral pneumonia, preferring to be treated at home. Recovered Yakovlev to the intensive care unit and ventilator, and eventually died, without regaining consciousness. According to some, he had pulmonary edema caused by progressive cirrhosis of the liver, but the wife of the artist has not confirmed this information, stating that death was due to heart failure.

“On the date of farewell we will inform you additionally. The funeral will be a cremation,” said Alexander.
Oleg died surrounded by loved ones. The press Secretary said that deep down they knew that Yakovlev is leaving, and their doctors is not encouraging, but still hope for a miraculous rescue glimmered in the hearts.
“It all happened so fast. To say goodbye we had with him. And the most important words also did not say,” said the spokesman. About the disease Yakovleva she did not want to say, however, mentioned the “bad diagnoses”, pulled hard on him lately.
“He didn’t want to be treated, although he had long been advised to go to the hospital. He was stubborn, wanted to stay home. Perhaps if it were previously hospitalized, it would be able to save,” she said.
Do not self-medicate, dear readers!