Олега Яковлева не могут похоронить несколько недель To artist found peace in the cemetery Vagankovsky, you need permission of the government of the capital. The civil wife of the former soloist of group “Ivanushki International” waiting for response from Moscow authorities. Alexander Kutsevol hopes that the issue will be resolved in the coming days.

In late June, fans of the band “Ivanushki International” shocked sad news. On 48-m to year of life died one of the former soloists of the band Oleg Yakovlev. He died as a result of pulmonary edema. Friends of the musician was shocked by his death.

Recently it became clear that Yakovlev can not be buried for several weeks. The widow of the singer of Alexander Kutsevol expressed the hope that the issue will be resolved in the coming days.

The wife of Oleg Yakovlev: “I Think if he goes, I first day you die”

“We have a month to deal with the question of Oleg burial at the cemetery Vagankovsky. The cemetery is closed, you need the permission of the government of Moscow. Place in the columbarium can be purchased, it’s not a problem, but we need a small plot to erect a monument. Oleg want to come fans, people write constantly and ask where you can come”, – the woman told reporters.

Now Kutsevol waiting for a response from the authorities and hopes that it will help in solving the problem. “Petitions addressed production center Igor Matvienko, people’s and honored artists,” added Alexander.

According to the woman, the issue of the burial place of the artist must be solved in the near future. “Up to 40 days remains week, and it is necessary to do before then,” said the widow of the singer.

We will remind that Oleg Yakovlev has been a member of the group “Ivanushki International” in March 1998, succeeding to the post of Igor Sorin. The first time, fans of the popular team were wary of the new singer, but soon took him up on the success of songs “poplar fluff” and “bullfinches”. After 15 years spent together with Kirill Andreev and Andrey Grigoriev, Apollonova, Oleg Yakovlev took the decision to focus on his solo career.

In late June, the artist was in one of the capital’s medical institutions with bilateral pneumonia. Yakovlev’s heart stopped on June 29. The singer bequeathed to be cremated. Farewell ceremony with Oleg took place on 1 July at the cemetery Troekurov.

In turn, the production centre of Igor Matvienko added that are also trying to address the issue of the burial place of the ex-member of the popular group. An employee of the organization Andrey Lukinov said that they have been promoted Diana Gurtskaya and her husband Peter Kucherenko, reports RIA Novosti. Famous singer and Chairman of the Commission of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation for the support of family, children and motherhood has sent an appeal to the Moscow authorities.