Олег Яковлев перед смертью разъехался с гражданской женой The girl who died former soloist of pop group “Ivanushki International” disputes with his relatives over a will. Oleg Yakovlev did not include the name Alexandra Kutsevol in the list of heirs. The neighbors actor has explained why it happened.
Олег Яковлев перед смертью разъехался с гражданской женой

The controversy surrounding the inheritance Olga Yakovleva continues. According to the will of the late ex-soloist of group “Ivanushki International”, his property goes to his niece Tatiana and University friend Roman Radovo. However, common-law wife of the artist Alexander Kutsevol not agree with his last will. The girl claims that he and Oleg were married in Serbia a few years ago.

Lawyer Romana Radova Catherine Rubashkin announced that the singer parted with the beloved, and therefore did not mention her in his will. With such statement the lawyer made a speech, talking to reporters in front of the courthouse. Of Rubashkin confirmed by one of the neighbors Yakovlev.

“In the last year Oleg and Sasha have not really lived together. The girl visited his home visits,” shared tenant house of the artist, who wished to remain anonymous.
Олег Яковлев перед смертью разъехался с гражданской женой

Kutsevol has not commented on the words of neighbors. Alexander doesn’t like to talk about the litigation with the close of the civil husband. It seemed that the relationship Yakovlev and his girlfriend was not a serious problem. Kutsevol ever shared a joint photo with the singer. After Oleg died, she continues to remember him in social networks. So, February 14, Alexander publicly admitted to by love.

“Valentine’s Day. Olesechka, my man, my God! Forever in my heart! My love, my life, my hero, my happiness and my sense… Always when I gently said to Oleg: “My Bunny, my Bunny rabbit,” he was kicking. And answered: “I’m not sweetie, I’m not a fish” and then added: “I just Oleg”. Even in the hospital, he “kept status”. When I left the house and wanted to tell him, he’s half-asleep raised his index finger up. The hint was understood” – shared common-law wife stars in microblog.

Touching posts Kutsevol force many to believe in the sincerity of her feelings towards the actor. However, friends and relatives of Oleg Yakovlev’s say that he was not aware of his marriage to the beloved. According to relatives of the singer, he is unlikely to withhold such information from others.

“Even more! In numerous interviews and he, and he repeatedly stressed that he is happy in a civil marriage and a stamp in the passport they do not need. Sasha continued to talk and after Oleg died. Why six months ago she suddenly changed her point of view – I don’t know”, – told “Komsomolskaya Pravda” the niece of the artist Tatyana Yakovleva.