Oleg winnick misses her friends who died in a plane crash over the Sinai Peninsula

Олег Винник скучает по близким, погибшим в авиакатастрофе над Синайским полуостровом The businessman can not bear the loss of loved ones. Two years ago, the family of Oleg winnick were among the passengers of flight 9268 flying from Egypt to Russia. The investigation into the crash of the liner, which the FSB has classified as a terrorist attack is still ongoing.
Олег Винник скучает по близким, погибшим в авиакатастрофе над Синайским полуостровом

Today the whole Russia remembers the events of two years ago when terrorists blew up the plane Airbus A321 performing flight 9268 from Sharm El Sheikh to Saint Petersburg. On Board the aircraft wreckage which was scattered up to 13 km, were 224 people, they all died.

The plane crash of 31 October 2015, has become the most massive in the number of fatalities in the history of the country. On Board were the Deputy head of Pskov Alexander Kopylov, who was returning home from vacation and the entire family of a St. Petersburg businessman Oleg Vinnik – wife Marianne and children Sasha and Dima. In addition, has gone abroad mother of the wife of businessman Natalia Osipova and grandmother Iraida Ivanova. “Don’t bury them, please! They are alive,” screamed winnick at the airport.

After the crash, journalists called businessman “Sinai widower”. Many strangers were so touched by the grief of Oleg that tried to support him on social media. The tragedy that occurred in the skies over Sinai, United people. Two years after the sad events winnick posted a touching post in a microblog dedicated to loved ones. A man can’t put up with heavy loss.

“Terribly, at that time when I was happy with my family, when I was confident in the future and the woman he loves, when he heard children’s laughter and felt their unconditional love. It turned out that in this life you can be sure of only one thing – we never know how we will be able to be with loved ones, enjoy every minute and appreciate them”, – said the businessman.

Earlier in the documentary “the Last rise”, created by Pavel Maskilim and Alexei Karamazov, Oleg Vinnik spoke about how she lived through the death of relatives. Man was supported by the friends who had not departed from him and tried to help everyone. Like many relatives of the passengers of the fatal flight 9268, winnick was shocked by the events.

Oleg Vinnik about the deceased in a plane crash his wife: “I love her still”

“The first time after the loss I wanted to forget. I could not eat. I lost 10 kilograms in three months. I don’t know what would have happened if I stayed in this state. Forget helped, only alcohol. The first nine days I tried to just drink and sleep. I’ve never abused alcohol. But killing yourself with alcohol to blame for what happened, I can’t. I can’t send to the monastery and to live,” said the man.