Олег Винник о гибели семьи в авиакатастрофе: «Я никого не виню» A year ago a resident of St. Petersburg has lost five relatives. Wife and two children of Oleg winnick were among the passengers of the airliner, EN route flight 9268. In the documentary for the first time a man has told how he was difficult.

      Олег Винник о гибели семьи в авиакатастрофе: «Я никого не виню»

      A year ago, the plane crash over the Sinai Peninsula claimed the lives of 224 people. On 31 October, the plane, EN route from Sharm El Sheikh to Saint Petersburg flight 9268 crashed. Many people lost their loved ones in this terrible disaster. After investigation and analysis of “black boxes”, it became clear that on Board the aircraft the explosion occurred. The attack in the skies over Sinai as relatives of the victims survived this year

      A resident of St. Petersburg Oleg Vinnik decided to make a documentary film in memory of his family. In February this year, the man began to search for a producer and Director who would implement his ideas. On the eve of the network appeared in the documentary, created by Pavel Maskilim and Alexei Karamazov. The tape includes archival videos featuring Oleg dead wife Marianne and his children, son Mitya and daughter Alexa. In one part of the film friends of the family remember the dead wife of a businessman and his children.

      Oleg and Marianne met at a party held outside the city. Spectacular brunette liked winnick, and he dared to approach and talk to her, although she looked quite unapproachable.

      “When we met, I was in the company of quite wealthy young people. These are called “Golden youth”. But Marianne, I saw a modest girl who had a bag and a half thousand rubles and never give the value of tchotchke. When I learned that she came from a wealthy family, for me it was a shock, recalls widower. Once I gave her a Birkin bag. The first thing she said was, “Why did you spend so much money?”. Millions of women would jump up and down on the neck, and she knew how hard I got money, but I work very hard,” – says Oleg.

      Friends winnik also note that Marianne was a very kind and sincere. “She just attracted people and friends”, “Marianna are all United,” “They shone, glowed with happiness whenever I saw her,” say about a woman her friends.

      Winnick married to Marianne, and after a while they had a daughter Alexa. Before that, the couple had to survive is the loss of a child is the wife of the businessman was the stood pregnancy. That is why they were very happy, when the firstborn.

      “Alex is very smart, energetic and incredibly charismatic. Mitya, in spite of his age, was very business-like, serious and very strong-willed. It look like this was,” said winnick.
      Олег Винник о гибели семьи в авиакатастрофе: «Я никого не виню»

      According to friends, Oleg personally told them about the tragedy. “I got a text from him: “I lost my family”. The second SMS, he wrote: “Watch the news,” recalls a friend winnik.

      “They called me and said that the plane disappeared from radar when I was loading baby seats into the wife’s car to meet them. I already knew that all,” – said Oleg.

      The widower mentioned that, as relatives of other passengers of flight 9268, he was in a bad state when they were at the airport and waited for any information. After the tragedy winnick could not remember, as it took days and nights. His friend Gregory helped him for two months, was next to him.

      “I don’t blame anyone. Blaming himself that his son was released”, – said the businessman. According to Oleg, in his dreams little Mitya is still alive. Winnick said that the child was not supposed to fly, so recently suffered. According to the widower, only the day before the trip the doctors allowed him to go to sea.