Олег Винник рассекретил новую возлюбленную The man showed the darling of social networks. Oleg Vinnik after breaking up with Katia Susan continued to look for love. Periodically, he puts in the microblog photo with the next pass.
Олег Винник рассекретил новую возлюбленную

The businessman from St.-Petersburg Oleg Vinnik lost his wife and two children at the time of the crash – the plane was flying from Sharm El Sheikh to the Northern capital at the end of October 2015. The man still cannot come to terms with grief and remembers the dead relatives. Oleg Vinnik about the deceased in a plane crash his wife: “I love her still”

Later Oleg became known to the public due to the affair with former leading “House-2” by Katya Zhuzha. Some judged him for his choice of girl, and someone couldn’t believe that he so quickly cope with the grief. However, after breaking up with her, he was left alone.

As it turned out, and now the heart of a man busy – he showed his followers his new beloved.

“The shirt girl or “my jacket so fits her…” – quoted line from the song “Mushrooms” Oleg.

Apparently, he didn’t want to tell more about his beloved girl hid face turned away from the camera. Members began to discuss his new novel. They wanted a man of peace and love. “Good for you! Happiness and more happiness!”, “Let’s get well”, “Happiness is possible! It can not be!” wrote enthusiastic users of the Network.

Prior to that, Oleg has also published quite intimate with the beloved. The frame was made in the twilight in black and white. Couple lying in bed – apparently, the girl was half-naked and cuddled chosen.

“Night man especially needed, because that night the woman especially want to throw a leg, drinking, light, scary, talking about life and, of course, to find out what he would do if she died,” said winnick.

In March of last year Oleg finally broke up with Kate a Susan. Now the former leading “House-2” also has established a private life – it is for a lover she left work to devote more time to her daughter and mate. Katya had from time to time to fly to the Seychelles – perhaps that is why she decided that such a move will not contribute to strengthening of relations.