Oleg Vinnik got married This spring, Oleg Vinnik, who lost his family in a plane crash over Sinai, proposed to his girlfriend Anna Bakulina.

Oleg Vinnik got married And today the lovers combined themselves the bonds of marriage. They signed at the registry office and arranged a photo session. A lavish feast of the couple plans to organize another day.

Oleg Vinnik got married

“A few days after the wedding, we we are flying to the Maldives, 14 days of rest,” Oleg said.

Seven years have passed since the death of his first wife and children. After that, Vinnik met with Katya Zhuzha, which he now regrets, since, in his own words, he was then in an inadequate state. He then married a girl named Alex, but the marriage did not last long. Of all his women, Vinnik only brought Anna to the place where his family was buried.

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