Oleg Vinnik disappointed in Kate Susan

Олег Винник разочаровался в Кате Жужа
Some time ago came the news about the breakup presenter Katie Susan and her fiancé Oleg Vinnik.

Олег Винник разочаровался в Кате Жужа

Fans suspected the girl that she has a new lover.

Kate’s glowing from happiness and share your joy with followers.

For a long time, Oleg remained silent and did not speak regarding this situation, but finally decided to tell you how things were.

According to him, he threw the girl two weeks ago.

“Of course, the fact that broadcast her new relationship to me unpleasant due to the fact that just a few days ago Kate was determined to reconciliation. She wrote to me about love, that waits for me and never will. Therefore, in light of today’s events her behavior I would be called hypocritical, as she wrote yesterday. Her repertoire and values clear. I was surprised by the fact that Kati has a new novel, at a time when I didn’t manage to get to St. Petersburg,” said the man.

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