Oleg Vinnik about the deceased in a plane crash his wife: “I love her still”

Олег Винник о погибшей в авиакатастрофе жене: «Я люблю ее до сих пор» Director Pavel Moshkin and producer Alexey Karamazov released the second part of the documentary, which focuses on the life and tragic death of family members of the businessman. Children and spouse of Oleg Vinnik were victims of the plane crash of 31 October 2015, on the Sinai Peninsula.

      Олег Винник о погибшей в авиакатастрофе жене: «Я люблю ее до сих пор»

      A year after the tragedy that happened on Board the plane flight 9268 from Sharm El Sheikh to Saint Petersburg, was presented the film in which the main character is Oleg Vinnik. Through its history the filmmakers decided to tell how people live after the loss of the most close and native. The film was divided into two large parts, each of which has several chapters related to a particular period of family life Vinnik.

      Oleg Vinnik on the death of a family in a plane crash: “I blame nobody”

      The producer of the work of Alexey Karamazov is recognized that it is impossible to experience the entire history, if you look in her scraps, so he urges all who have not seen the first film, definitely see it. He recalls that almost a year ago, when I thought about creating something like this, didn’t expect such a huge response among the relatives of the deceased and friends and strangers who were just trying to help.

      “We have reached a certain limit, as were limited resources and time, and because we can always do better, but this would take more time and money, because in the film there is a technical error, but which generally do not affect viewing of the film. I want to thank the people who supported my desire to make this film. 120 people transferred money on it. Thank you!” – sharing your thoughts Alex on Youtube.

      Oleg winnick, who became the main character of the documentary film, met with the founders in February and agreed to cooperate. Karamazov initially had my doubts if it will work to bring the conversation in the right direction, whether learn the facts that are really important in this story. In the second part of the tape, he tells Oleg that he was happy to cooperate with him as he showed patience and responsible attitude to the filming. Relatives of the deceased Marianna Vinnik and her friends found the strength to recall the time, to convey the emotions that they experienced but also told how much he worried about the fate of the widower.

      The man claimed that he tried to cure grief with alcohol, but it was not for him. After the tragedy he was supported by friends as he was afraid that with the grieving widower can happen trouble.

      “The first time after the loss I wanted to forget. I could not eat. I lost 10 kilograms in three months. I don’t know what would have happened if I stayed in this state. Forget helped, only alcohol. the first nine days I tried to just drink and sleep. I’ve never abused alcohol. But killing yourself with alcohol to blame for what happened, I can’t. I can’t send to the monastery and to live. If it would contribute to bring them back to life, I’m willing to wait for centuries, but we, unfortunately, are ordinary people, we are not gods, and we have to live,” recalls winnick.
      Олег Винник о погибшей в авиакатастрофе жене: «Я люблю ее до сих пор»

      The shooting started in the beginning of this year and took place in Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg and Moscow. Alexei Karamazov talked to Oleg about his experiences, learned how the man felt in the first months after losing loved ones. He said that he could not be in the apartment, so the time moved into rental housing to recover. In the house of Oleg all were in their places, even in the children’s dad killed kids did not move anything, but admits that may not be in the room more than three minutes.

      “We had a large two bedroom apartment in Kaliningrad, peace and light. To go from Kaliningrad do not like. Golden time was. At work I was forced to leave. Nothing has changed, like I went back in time. All in Kaliningrad liked. Nostalgia, of course, crazy. Like in black-and-white movie hit. And in General, as it was, and remained. Didn’t think I’d come back here,” said the man.

      Some time later Oleg Vinnik back to the usual rhythm of life. Despite the condemnation, he could once again find love. His choice was Kate Susan, the news presenter “House-2”. The man devotes a lot of time working, trying to see more friends, play sports. Many were surprised by the fact that the businessman met another girl. However, on the film in early 2016, he noted that it is unlikely he would marry again.

      “I just told myself that if divorce, the second time never getting married. In my understanding, you get married once and for life. And now they are not, changing for someone else is not desirable. I loved her and still do,” admitted Oleg.

      On top of that winnick does not lose hope again to become a father. In children, the businessman sees the meaning of life. Initially he didn’t care who he was going to have a boy or a girl, he just wanted the addition to the family.

      “I really want children. I believe that the basic meaning of life is children. For some it’s a career for someone popular, but it seems to me that the most important thing – the children. I don’t care if its a boy or a girl,” said winnick Alexei Karamazov.

      We will remind that on October 31, 2015, the A321 airliner exploded in the sky over the Sinai Peninsula. All passengers, including the crew, were killed. 224 people, among whom were little children, were victims of the tragedy. However, the memory of them still lives in the hearts of family and friends.