Олег Табаков впервые рассказал о причинах разрыва с женой The ex-wife of the Maestro would not tolerate animals in the house. Oleg Tabakov admitted that the relationship with his first wife, he began to deteriorate due to the fact that she got rid of his favorite dogs.
Олег Табаков впервые рассказал о причинах разрыва с женой

In the family of artistic Director Moscow art theatre Oleg Tabakov and his wife, the actress of theatre and cinema Marina Suginoi this year noted several important dates – the 80 years old Maestro himself, the anniversary, Marina Suginoi and the 20th anniversary of the eldest son of star spouses Paul.

Died Oleg Tabakov

On the transfer of Andrey Malakhov, “Tonight” Oleg Tabakov and Marina Zudina came accompanied by their children, son Paul and daughter Mary. The issue of the program was dedicated to the famous family spoke about how much did Oleg Pavlovich on stage and in film. However, not bypassed and personal life of the Maestro. Oleg Tabakov the first time in many years, openly talked about the reasons of the gap with first wife, actress Lyudmila Krylova. Family relationships, according to the Maestro, began to deteriorate due to the fact that the wife is not tolerated in the house of dogs, which wound up Oleg Pavlovich.

“We had a border collie, she loved me and was so happy when I came home from a tour that the entire floor under it was wet, – said Oleg Tabakov. And that’s when I once returned from a trip, the dog didn’t meet me. It turned out that while I was away, the wife gave her. Then at the request of my daughter Sasha and I bought a puppy Newfoundland. Wonderful the dog was! But it gave to strangers after about a year, without asking my opinion. It deeply affected our relationship with my wife.”

Олег Табаков впервые рассказал о причинах разрыва с женой

In support of a former spouse Tabakov expressed his current wife Marina Zudina. “I wouldn’t blame Lyudmila Ivanovna, said Zudin. – I don’t think it was done on purpose. She also worked a lot, did a lot of traveling. And the dog is the responsibility of, care. It’s hard”.

A special place was given to the son of Oleg Tabakov and Marina Suginoi Paul, which this year celebrated 20 years. Pavlo Tabakov can be safely called a rising star, he plays in the theater, starred in commercials, articles about it are published in glossy magazines. Of course, parents are proud of their offspring, but belong to the growing popularity of son is ambiguous. “With anxiety relate to the emergence of Paul in advertising, – admitted Oleg Tabakov. I tried to avoid it. However, the son believes otherwise, but he’s a grown man, God will judge him”.

Went into gear and talking about what gifts are acceptable to do in the star family. After all, year anniversary, and surprises, for sure, were many. “The most original gifts I gave always – said Marina Zudina. 60-year anniversary of Oleg Pavlovich and I gave birth to a son Pasha. On the 70th anniversary wanted to give him a daughter, but it so happened that Mary was born when Oleg Pavlovich has turned 71. The flank now turn to give us gifts, but I hope he will not hurry, because I have another little Mary”.

We will remind, Oleg Tabakov and Marina Zudina got married in 1995 after a decade-long affair. By the way, the relationship of the actors were secretly supported when the art Director was still married. Between teacher and student broke out true love. Your care of the family Oleg Tabakov and commented: “no matter How corny it sounds, came lyubof-f-f…”. From his marriage to Lyudmila Krylova Tabakov have two children – son Anton and daughter Sasha. Besides, the actor has three grandchildren older than his youngest children from his marriage to Marina Suginoi: Nikita, Anna and Pauline.