Oleg Tabakov spoke with family

Олег Табаков поговорил с родными
The consciousness of the actor cleared up, he complains of moderate pain and able to communicate.

Oleg Tabakov

Photos: 7 Days

Oleg Tabakov fully recovered and became
to navigate the world,
to see relatives and even communicate with them.
However, while the actor speaks out loud, and
writing on the paper. It is reported ren.tv.
However, the status of the artist improved.
He responds to the inspection and not talking
aloud solely because of respiratory
tube. In light of the artist installed
drainage, he complains of moderate pain.
The temperature at Oleg Pavlovicha normal.

about a month to condition
people’s artist focus
of the whole country. On 29 November last year, the actor was taken
in the hospital in critical condition.
He was diagnosed with inflammation
lungs. The doctors decided not to procrastinate and
did Oleg Pavlovich emergency surgery.
Some time after this he was
in intensive care, and doctors were afraid to do
any forecasts. They only said,
the artist “is in critical
state.” Relatives Tabakov all
this time they were close to him, abolishing
all of the cases. The actor even hooked up to
the ventilator
lung — so it was serious.

a week after emergency hospitalization
there are good news. Reported
that tobacco is gradually on the mend:
started to eat porridge and even stood with
bed. He was transferred from intensive care to a
regular ward. But then his condition
deteriorated again. To the extent that
he was put into an artificial coma.
A few days before the new
year it was reported that the actor came to
himself, however, has ceased to recognise close
people and doctors have called his condition:
“Not responding to external stimuli”.
To the delight of fans, now the crisis
Oleg Pavlovich has passed.