Oleg Tabakov rose to his feet!

Олег Табаков встал на ноги!
The state of health of the famous artist is stabilized.

Oleg Tabakov

Photos: 7 Days

The doctors stabilized Oleg Tabakov
which in a grave condition has been hospitalized from the intensive care unit of the First city
hospital in Moscow in late November. Fortunately, gradually, day by day, the famous
I was on the mend.

4 December the Deputy mayor Leonid Pechatnikov, who
oversees, in particular, and the medical institutions of the capital, commented on the hospitalization
Tabakov and explained that the family there is no reason for serious concern.

“I can say that today the state
Oleg Pavlovich stable, he said. All indicators, including
blood counts improve. He had the appetite. He started
to get up. We are seeing a positive trend. So agents of funeral services
please do not worry”.

Today, ten days later, again there was a good
health news Tabakov. It became known that he already stood on his feet!

“Oleg Pavlovich already walks around the house, develops
muscles, told kp.ru in the Moscow art theatre.Chekhov, which is headed by
TOBACCOS. — Primary disease, pneumonia, he was on the mend.
A terrible crisis had passed. It remains to solve the problem with the teeth.”

Recall that the inflammatory process from Oleg
Pavlovich provoked an unsuccessful implantation.

In the theater, counting on the fact that tobacco already
in late February, will again take the stage.