Oleg Tabakov responded to allegations of financial fraud

Олег Табаков ответил на обвинения в финансовых махинациях Artistic Director of “Snuff” commented the malpractice. Earlier in the Russian division of the international company “transparency” suspected of corruption the leadership of a number of theatres of Moscow.
Олег Табаков ответил на обвинения в финансовых махинациях

“Transparency international – Russia” has presented the investigation of the capital’s theaters. The company said that in the manual as a minimum of 14 cultural institutions allow themselves to systematic abuse.

According to experts, creative Director get state contracts from their own theatres. Experts have counted more than 60 transactions totaling in excess of 97 million rubles. According to the researchers, “in most cases, this occurs with the approval of the Department of culture of Moscow or of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation”.

“We found that the system of financing of the Moscow theaters riddled with conflicts of interest. At least fourteen artistic Directors, including Oleg Tabakov, Nadezhda Babkina, Konstantin Raikin, Oleg Menshikov and Kirill Serebrennikov, get contracts from their theatres, artificially creating additional opportunities for earning money”, – is spoken in company materials.
Олег Табаков ответил на обвинения в финансовых махинациях

Investigation specialists provoked a heated debate on the Network. Journalists contacted by Oleg Tabakov and asked to comment on the data “transparency”. People’s artist of the USSR refutes such accusations. According to star theatre and cinema, they are not true.

“It’s absurd! Need a little brain in my head have… You see that things that I do, they move, evolve. In terms of things I’m the most successful of my colleagues of the same age. (…) All these charges are trumped, and any arguments they have,” said Tabakov.

Commenting on the fees for the performance of roles to his theater Oleg Tabakov said that he does not see anything criminal. “So it was in the Russian theatre more half a century,” he said.

Earlier Yury Kuklachev has told that does not agree with the claims that he’s facing. According to the head of the Moscow cats theatre, statements about his involvement in a cash fraud based on false data. Kuklachev said that the activities of its cultural institutions have already checked the relevant authorities.

“In our address it is wrong accusation. We had a year ago they wrote the Prosecutor, the Prosecutor’s office understood – no complaints there. What they keep quiet is unreasonable. They are trying to sow chaos in our country. There is a group of people that wants to give some reason for unnecessary conversations. All checked – all clean,” shared the Kuklachev.

According to Yury Dmitrievich, he receives only the salary of the Director, and the fee decided to give up. “Let’s go to my accounting and check,” said Kuklachev.

In turn, Gennady Khazanov said that he actually signed contracts with the Moscow variety theatre where he holds the position of artistic Director. However, the artist found it difficult to name a specific amount deals. According to Khazanov, it is not qualified in this area.

“Accounting did last theater administration. In theatre, I work as art Director with me was the contracts with the actor additionally, when I played in the performances,” – said Gennady.

Media representatives also contacted the Ministry of culture. They said that in the investigation of “transparency” it is only two theatres under the jurisdiction of the Department. The press service of I think not quite correct to say that executives “pay the fees themselves”.

Representatives of the Department explained that the heads of theatres do enter into contracts with private places of work, however, such transactions are regulated by orders. As for the situation with Yevgeny Marcelli, head of the cultural institution named Volkov, assured in a press-service, its action was timely coordinated with the Ministry. “The necessary documents have been issued late, which resulted in the submission of the General Prosecutor’s office”, – added there.

Prepared according to RBC, TASS and “National news service”.