Oleg Tabakov refuses to talk about the eldest daughter

Олег Табаков отказывается говорить о старшей дочери Alexander was unable to forgive his father for abandoning the family. Oleg Tabakov has paid a high price for their love for the Marina Suginoi. The Director denied the information that in recent years his relationship with the heiress went back to normal.
Олег Табаков отказывается говорить о старшей дочери

This year marks 30 years of the theatre, who created the legendary actor, Director and teacher Oleg Tabakov. The famous Snuff-box, the First channel dedicated documentary film “Oleg Tabakov and his chickens tobacco”, aired on Saturday, 7 October.

However, the speech in the film was not only about the unique troupe, but also about the personal life of its Creator. And without it, if the peak of his career, Oleg Tabakov and its theatre coincided with the arrival in the Studio of Marina Suginoi, which later became the second wife of the master.

It was a very complicated relationship. Oleg Tabakov at the time was married and has two children. The artist himself grew up without a father and still a child vowed to myself that I will not allow that to happen with his heirs. A long twelve years he did not leave the family. Tabakov divorced his wife, actress Lyudmila Krylova, when his son Anton was 33 years, and daughters Sasha – 29. He thought he fulfilled his duty as a father and to start a new life in which everything will be different. Oleg Tabakov was first told about the reasons of rupture with his wife

Олег Табаков отказывается говорить о старшей дочери“If there’s a sense, everything else ceases to be an obstacle, says Oleg Tabakov in the film about Snuff. – I want to be there that’s all.”

But for the love of Suginoi Tabakov had to pay a very high price. With him, refused to communicate with his daughter Alexandra. After the divorce she left the Snuff-box, which, by the way, came almost simultaneously with his future stepmother Marina Suginoi. Alexander was one of the brightest Actresses of the theatre played in the movie. One of her role in the film “Little Vera” is worth.

Олег Табаков отказывается говорить о старшей дочери

After her parents ‘ divorce has been more than twenty years, the family unit sudenai and his apostles proved their worth. However, Alexander Tabakov is still unable to forgive his father and ignores him.

“The press reports that you allegedly established relations with the eldest daughter?” asked by Oleg Tabakov, the authors of the film. “No. This is not so,” replied the master, implying that it is not necessary to continue to speak on this subject.

Second marriage to Oleg Tabakov had two children. Son Paul 21, his shoulders for several notable roles in movies and, of course, he plays his father’s Snuff-box. My daughter Mary is studying in the fourth grade. Interviews in the movie the girl did not give. This decision of her mother, Marina Suginoi that believes in their cause enough public figures.