Oleg Tabakov received monthly a huge income

Олег Табаков ежемесячно получал огромный доход
On 12 March there was a famous Director and actor Oleg Tabakov.

Олег Табаков ежемесячно получал огромный доход

From celebrity left four children, officials decided to calculate what legacy tobacco left to their children. According to some sources, Oleg Pavlovich received on a monthly basis, about two million rubles.

Олег Табаков ежемесячно получал огромный доход

“In 2015, for example, it was reported that Oleg Tabakov has earned 48 million 297 thousand rubles. And in 2017 he took the second place among all Russian jurukov and first among Metropolitan. Only the Director and artistic Director of the Chekhov Moscow art theater (tobacco combined these posts) recently, the actor earned 935 994 rubles a month. Plus – the “Snuff box”, plus wages in theatrical College, plus a pension, including an allowance for the title of people’s artist of the USSR”, – journalists report.

Recall that the actor was the owner of three apartments in Moscow, and in the name of his wife recorded two apartments.

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