Олег Табаков готовится вскоре выйти на сцену The status of the artist improved markedly. Oleg Tabakov was admitted to one of the capital’s hospitals at the end of November. Now the famous actor and Director of theatre named after A. P. Chekhov was able to overcome the crisis.

At the end of November it became known that the famed actor and Director Oleg Tabakov was admitted to the hospital. Originally from the media received conflicting information – some claimed that he had problems with his lungs, according to others, the 82-year-old actor just preparing for the examination, and his life is out of danger. Doctors fight for life of Oleg Tabakov

However, it soon became clear that the head of the Moscow art theatre. A. P. Chekhov is located in the First Town hospital. Later he underwent surgery and was connected to the ventilator. Now tobacco is on the mend. In the theater said they hope to see him in February or March on stage.

“Oleg Pavlovich is already walking in the ward, the muscle, – have informed in the Moscow art theatre. – Primary disease, pneumonia, he was on the mend. A terrible crisis had passed. It remains to solve the problem with the teeth.”

According to one version, the reason why the legendary actor was in the hospital, was unsuccessful implantation. It was reported that this inflammatory process has begun. It was also mentioned that Oleg Pavlovich blood poisoning.

Relatives Tabakov try to regularly to visit him. Fans hope that soon their beloved artist again please their theatrical productions. They worry about his health, because in mid-September, Oleg Pavlovich has had to overcome pain to reach out to the audience. Before the show, his health deteriorated sharply. The ambulance arrived on a call, it is strongly recommended to abandon the game on the stage and relax. However, tobacco did not want to disappoint the audience. He asked the doctors to inject him with painkillers. And artist brilliantly coped with the role.

As reports the edition “Komsomolskaya Pravda” last week the Vice-mayor of Moscow Leonid Pechatnikov said that the Oleg Tabakov was diagnosed with a complex destructive pneumonia. However, he assured that the lives of your favorite artist is not in danger – doctors managed to stabilise his condition.