Oleg Tabakov is in critical condition

Олег Табаков находится в критическом состоянии The status of people’s artist deteriorated. The actor was taken to the hospital in late autumn. Oleg Tabakov was diagnosed with severe pneumonia. Actor, Director and theatre artistic Director underwent surgery, which was connected to a respirator.

On November 27 it became known that the head of the Moscow art theatre named after A. P. Chekhov Oleg Tabakov was urgently hospitalized in the First City hospital. It was reported that the famous actor severe pneumonia. On the same day was scheduled for a performance in which the main role is usually performed by Oleg Pavlovich. Oleg Tabakov was in intensive care

The theatre’s administration apologized to the audience and said: “For technical reasons, the play “the Year when I was born”, scheduled for 27 November 2017 on the Main stage of the Moscow art theatre. A. P. Chekhov, cancelled”.

“StarHit” contacted the reference hospital, the dispatcher confirmed the information that Oleg Pavlovich taken to the 6th Department of intensive care medical facilities. Fortunately, his life after surgery was not threatened. Oleg Tabakov was urgently operated on

Later in the theater said that a folk artist plans to go on stage in February or March of next year.

“Oleg Pavlovich is already walking in the ward, the muscle, – have informed in the Moscow art theatre. – Primary disease, pneumonia, he was on the mend. A terrible crisis had passed. It remains to solve dental problems,” – noted in the theater. Oleg Tabakov is preparing to soon go on stage

The wife of the artist Marina Zudina and relatives regularly visited the actor in hospital. With the media close by Oleg Pavlovich has decided not to communicate.

Today, however, the TV channel “REN TV” reported that Oleg Pavlovich is in critical condition.

It is worth mentioning that the famous actor can boast an incredible zest for life and always ready to go on stage to please the audience. In September, Oleg Pavlovich was bad for a few minutes before the start of the play “the Seagull,” where he played a major role.

Tabakov felt a sharp pain. Colleagues of the actor called him an ambulance. Despite doctors ‘ recommendations, Oleg Pavlovich has refused hospitalization. He demanded that the doctors gave him a shot for the pain. Pausing for 20 minutes, people’s artist came out to the public and fully played their role, never complaining health.

Fans of the popular favorite leave warm comments on social media and I wish the actor good health. “Oleg Pavlovich, take care of yourself! Don’t work so much”, “Here what should be the real actors. Came on the scene, despite poor health”, “All our family is worried about you. I hope this was a one-time problem,” wrote the fans of the 82-year-old artist.