Олег Табаков ушел из жизни в возрасте 82 лет
Today was not one of the most favorite actors of several generations.

Oleg Tabakov

Photo: Philip Goncharov

At the age of 82 after a long illness died legendary actor and Director, people’s artist of the USSR Oleg Tabakov.

Serious health problems began at Oleg Pavlovicha at the end of November 2017, when 82-year-old actor was urgently hospitalized to the intensive care unit of one of the capital’s hospitals with suspected severe (bilateral) pneumonia. The status of Tabakov were evaluated as extremely serious. Then came a temporary improvement. It happened after Tabakov introduced into an artificial coma. Coming out of the coma, the actor at first didn’t recognize loved ones, but then began to communicate with staff and to implement all necessary recommendations. It happened in early January of this year. But in the middle of the month the status of the artist has deteriorated again. 24 Jan relatives Tabakov was called to the hospital priest. The doctors gave a negative prognosis regarding the recovery of the actor. On January 30 it became known that the people’s artist started cramping. The anesthesiologist maintained a state of deep sedation — an artificial coma. Experts talked about high risk of refusal of work of a brain of the patient.

The career of Oleg Tabakov began in 1950, with classes in Theatre, youth and children’s creativity “Young guard” of the Saratov Palace of pioneers and schoolchildren. Three years later, an aspiring actor came to Moscow and entered the School-Studio of the Moscow art theater, during his studies, which began playing in the theatre on a professional stage and film.

In 1965, as a student, TOBACCOS made his debut made his debut in cinema, playing Sasha Komolova in the film “Sasha comes to life.” Since then, the artist parallel with the theatrical activity is constantly acted in movies and played almost 130 roles in feature films and television movies. One of the first films Oleg — “Business “Motley”, “People on bridge”, “Probation”, “Noisy day” made him famous and favorite actor. And roles in the films “War and peace”, “Seventeen moments of spring” confirmed his exceptional talent and acting skills.

The huge success Oleg Pavlovich has achieved and in teaching. After the triumph of the play “the government Inspector” by N. In. Gogol in Prague Czechs admitted Tabakov example of the execution of the role of the inspector and invited him to teach acting. And from 1976 to 2005 Oleg Pavlovich continuously led acting course at GITIS and School-Studio of MKHAT, brought about a hundred professional actors. Tobacco has created a unique for its time, the system of education: its students were learning the skill of daily rehearsing and performing in real performances.

The last years of his life Oleg Pavlovich was the artistic Director of the Moscow art theatre. A. P. Chekhov (from 2001, after the death of O. N. Ephraim) and in the late 70’s (official status was achieved in 1986) theatre under the direction of Oleg Tabakov (“Tabakerka”).