Олегу Табакову нашли замену в МХТ им. Чехова Many fans and actors were dissatisfied with the appointment of Sergei Zhenovach. He will perform the duties that were previously on Oleg Tabakova. The Director gave an official comment on this issue. The Zhenovach will try to do everything that the theatre was not handed over positions.

Death of Oleg Tabakov shocked his many fans and friends. His funeral was attended by actors, which have trained and literally brought a famous actor. They all noted how much the man had influenced their lives.

Until the last days of his life Oleg Pavlovich has held the post of artistic Director at the theater-Studio of the Moscow art theatre named after A. P. Chekhov. After his death, got an urgent question about the appointment of the new head of the cultural institution.

In the end, the head of the theatre was directed by Sergei Zhenovach. The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky hurried made an official statement regarding the appointment.

“The discussion that has expectedly opened after the departure of Oleg Pavlovich, convinced us that this great theater needs a Director whose success is obvious whose experience is sufficient, and the authority indisputable. The Director with the talent of the teacher. And at the end of broad consultations we stopped on the candidacy of Sergei Vasilyevich Zhenovach is the artistic Director of the Studio of theatrical art. His creative achievements are marked by the state he is laureate of the State prize, Prize of the Mayor of Moscow and the professional community about 20 important awards. By the way, Oleg Pavlovich appreciated the work of Sergey Vasilyevich and the Moscow art Theater and in other theaters,” Medinsky said in his official statement.

Zhenovach himself commented on the appointment, calling it a big surprise. According to the Director, he did not think that I will be able to take such an important and honorable post. Thus the man does not deny that the coming months will be for him very difficult, because change is always not easy as the audience and the actors.

“There are people, there is fate, we need to be very careful and cautious to unlock the potential of those people who is in the theater, well, then it must be development. I don’t officially take office on 23 April and I have time to deal with the situation”, – said the Zhenovach.

Appointment of Director to the post of the artistic Director sparked a mixed reaction from fans of the theater. Well-known journalist Andrei Kolesnikov said that the troupe will not accept Zhenovach. But Vladimir Mashkov has a different opinion. The famous actor is sure that the new chief will have a hard time, but he has a lot of potential.

“If we talk about what happened, and I still have a few in the concussion, many of us are the least represented such a situation, but it happened. Importantly, this internal desire. I think it is very difficult to hear myself now”, said Mashkov.

Many fans agreed that Sergey Zhenovach will be able to become a worthy leader of the main theatre of the country. However, in their opinion, the Director will have to work hard to earn the respect of subordinates and the public.

Earlier, the Director worked in the theater on Malaya Bronnaya, and over ten years he led the Studio of theatrical art. The Zhenovach is the owner of the theatrical award “the gold Mask” Prize imgt Stanislavsky, of the Moscow prize of the Union of theatrical figures of Russia “hit of the season”. Over the years he has staged many performances that caught the fancy of the public.

The article uses the materials of “Interfax” and “Ren-TV”.