Oleg Tabakov does not communicate with the eldest daughter

Олег Табаков не поддерживает связь со старшей дочерью
This year, the legendary theater Director Oleg Tabakov celebrated the anniversary, he was 30 years old.

Олег Табаков не поддерживает связь со старшей дочерью

According to many, the dawn of the creative career of a filmmaker began after he linked his life with actress Marina Suginoi. From the first wife have Tabakova had a son Anton and a daughter, Alexandra.

But the successor of the Director has been unable to forgive him for leaving the family, and still she has no contact with his father. When the same Tabakov asked if he resumed communication with her daughter, he replied dryly: “No. This is not so.”

Despite the fact that since the divorce of Oleg Tabakov with the first wife more than 20 years, his successor has still not been able to forgive and forget.

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