Oleg Tabakov came on the scene through the pain

Олег Табаков вышел на сцену, превозмогая боль A famous actor has addressed for the help to physicians. Feeling honoured artist of Russia, had deteriorated before the performance “Seagull”. Despite the recommendations of experts, the man decided to go to the audience.
Олег Табаков вышел на сцену, превозмогая боль

Oleg Tabakov boasts an incredible work ethic. Not only is he is the artistic Director of the Studio school of the Moscow art theatre, but also successfully plays in movies and on the stage. September 15, the famous singer became ill before the performance “the Seagull”, where he plays a major role.

The man complained of acute onset of pain, then immediately called the ambulance. Despite doctors ‘ recommendations, Oleg Pavlovich has refused hospitalization. He demanded that he made a shot for the pain.

The actor did not want to cancel the spectacle in the auditorium was a full house. That is why man came on the scene, albeit with a delay of 20 minutes. Oleg Pavlovich fully played their role, never complaining health.

At the moment there is no information about the condition of tobacco. Fans were quick to wish the artist a speedy recovery. “Oleg Pavlovich, take care of yourself! Don’t work so much”, “Here what should be the real actors. Came on the scene, despite poor health”, “All our family is worried about you. I hope this was a one – time problem,” – commented on the news fans of the artist.

Oleg Pavlovich rarely talks in interviews about health problems. The actor prefers to talk about creative plans and achievements. Despite the fact that in August, the star turned 82 years old, he keep up the working pace.

In 2014 already, there were alarming reports about the deteriorating health of Oleg Pavlovich. Then the actor was taken to hospital due to raise blood pressure. However, his condition quickly stabilized, so long-term hospitalization is not required.

A little later the representatives of the Tabakov told that the actor was stollerusa with a bout of toothache. Because in the theatre there is no doctor on duty, had to call an ambulance. Cauterized helped Oleg Pavlovich to play the play to the end. Together with the other members of the troupe, he went on a final bow to the audience.

Oleg Tabakov is considered one of the most well-known domestic actors. In his filmography at the moment, more than 150 feature films and TV series. Publishing Life has not yet reported whether canceled scheduled performances with the participation of Oleg Tabakov or he will be able to return to the stage.