Олег Погудин: личная жизнь (жена, дети)

Oleg Pogudin is popularly called the “silver voice of Russia”. But his fans believe that Pogudin is definitely the best. Eleven years he’s onstage – in the beginning was just a soloist of the choir. Then it became more popular and began to produce CDs with your compositions. More than once he received honorary titles and awards, and in 2015 he received the title of people’s artist.

Many interesting details of personal life Oleg Pogudin — does he have a wife and kids. Is it possible to find a family photo of the actor in the Network? No less interesting phases of his artistic biography. For example, in his youth Pogudin almost went to the monastery. These and other details you can read from the article.

		Олег Погудин: личная жизнь (жена, дети)

On the photo: Oleg Pogudin

Personal life Oleg Pogudin

Despite the popularity of Oleg Pogudin, this part of his biography, as the personal life, the presence of his wife and children remains a mystery. Their photos you will find online. The fact is that despite crowds of fans, the actor has never been married. Moreover, it does not apply on personal interview.

		Олег Погудин: личная жизнь (жена, дети)

Although his position on this account he once expressed to reporters. The actor said that his personal life should not be discussed by people.

		Олег Погудин: личная жизнь (жена, дети)

Oleg Pogudin with groupies

Of course, not without gossip concerning the personal life of the performer. He always credited with a great variety of the fairer sex. And I must say, not without scandals surrounding his name. In 2012, the public was excited about the news that speaking at the wedding, Oleg and his voice could charm the very bride. These rumors were unsubstantiated.

In 2013 became the press wrote about the relationship of the artist with a girl is not a creative profession — the lawyer Ekaterina Pavlova. Journalists wrote about the eyewitnesses to the Dating of this pair in the restaurants and at the wedding of friends Pogudin. Also wrote about the fact that Catherine and Oleg traveled together. A couple vacationing in Monaco, Cyprus, in Venice.

However, even if this relationship really was nothing more serious, they have not yet led. Pogudin and remains free.

		Олег Погудин: личная жизнь (жена, дети)

It is known that outside a busy tour of Rafik, Pogudin lives in an apartment in St. Petersburg. He stayed true to his principles and still believe in God. He never goes on tour without icons and the gospel.

Childhood artist

Oleg Pogudin was born on 22 December 1968 in a wealthy family in Leningrad. His parents worked for many years in the research Institute of the military-industrial complex. But father Oleg in his spare time loved to sing and instilled an interest in music to his son. Despite the fact that a child actor dreamed of becoming an astronaut, his fate had ordered otherwise. Due to health problems had to choose a different path.

		Олег Погудин: личная жизнь (жена, дети)

Oleg Pogudin in childhood

When the boy was only seven, he started singing in earnest. And four years later he became the main soloist of the choir of Leningrad radio.

Pogudin had already performed on the main stage of the USSR: in the Oktyabrsky big concert hall, State Academic Capella named after Glinka and abroad. His pure, beautiful voice has made an indelible impression on the audience. Many of those who at least once heard his singing, I then remember him for life.

Student years

After graduation Pogudin wanted to enter the Leningrad Conservatory theatre and music. But in the selection Committee advised the guy not to do that now, but wait two years. Because at this age young people a voice usually breaks. Oleg did not wait, and entered the acting Department at LGITMiK the course of Alexander Kunitsyn.

		Олег Погудин: личная жизнь (жена, дети)

On the photo: Pogudin in his youth

During training, the boy often sang songs singer Alexander Vertinsky and even during the final exam showed a solo performance in which sound tracks of this artist. But the Commission is impressed with the fact that the press conference showed some interesting vocal inflections that were not copied none of the performers.

Classmate Pogudin was known actor and singer Eugene Dyatlov. Together they then played on the same stage, and recorded music.

		Олег Погудин: личная жизнь (жена, дети)

Oleg Pogudin and Yevgeny

Singing career

Interestingly, in his youth, Oleg Pogudin, a biography, a wife and children which we are discussing today, was a chorister in the Church choir and thought seriously about becoming a monk. However, these ideas did not come true. Oleg was trained in the United States of America and after that he became very popular and in demand. In 1990, he began working in the theater named after Gorky. In 1992 he went on tour in Sweden, and a year later ,went on a tour of Russia. In the 90-ies he took part in several musicals.

In addition, he released several records that were well received by the audience.

		Олег Погудин: личная жизнь (жена, дети)

The first record Oleg Pogudin

For the life of the talented artist has been awarded several prestigious awards — the “trumpeting angel” award “For understanding the soul of Russian romance”. And in 2004 Pogudin received the title of honored artist on television.

“Lit up” Pogudin and television. In 2005 — 2006 he was a leading TV channel Culture, led the program “romance Romance” on the channel “Culture”. In this program popular singers sang long-forgotten songs, bard songs, jazz.

In the thirty-six — Pogudin is a teacher in your home University. For six years he worked in this position, and at the same time received the title of Professor of the Academy in St. Petersburg.

It never ceased to please fans of their collections and musical.

In 2011, the artist became a member of the Council under the President of Russia on culture. In 2015 he received the title “people’s artist of Russia”.

Oleg Pogudin now

Today Oleg Pogudin, biography and personal life of which we are discussing is still known. Though his wife and children had not, but in 2016, released a new album “Urban Romance”. And after 4 months, the artist became the hero of the TV show “Virazhi vremeni”.

		Олег Погудин: личная жизнь (жена, дети)

The album “Urban romance”

November 7, Oleg Pogudin gave a concert in Paris. The evening included a variety of songs and classical Russian romances and songs on poems of Yevgeny Yevtushenko, songs of Bulat Okudzhava, and also some works of the French chanson.

In addition, Oleg reminded the audience about an important date — the centenary of the revolution in Russia. It happened in the context of the enforcement of art Alexander Vertinsky. He at the time, did a lot for Russian immigrants.

		Олег Погудин: личная жизнь (жена, дети)

Listening to the press conference, they lovingly remembered their Homeland, which had to leave. Remember Pogudin and about the people who were victims of the political situation in the country at the moment.

In addition, Oleg has entered into jury of competition of young performers “the Blue bird”. I wonder what he’s helped new talent to break into the scene – organized concerts, and helped to record albums.

Oleg Pogudin is no denying that he is one of the few in our country who really sings well and, in addition, has excellent acting training. Unfortunately, not all pop music today can say that.

However, he recognizes that today the talented performers a little more than “nineties”. And if Pogudin devoted himself to the theatre, he couldn’t show their talent at one hundred percent. It would be a pale spot on the background that Pogudin can give to their listeners. Now the artist feels in his place, and he’s happy with his life.

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