Oleg Miami robbed a leading “eagle and tails” Natalie Nevedrova

Олег Майами ограбил ведущую «Орла и решки» Натали Неведрову Eks-the participant “Houses-2” have lied to a good friend. Friend Nevedrova told that Oleg and Natalie no longer communicate, as it escaped with a large sum of money. Besides, Miami denies the affair with the girl.
Олег Майами ограбил ведущую «Орла и решки» Натали Неведрову

The name of the former participant of “House-2” now on hearing: after leaving the show in 2011, he became interested in music. The production deals with Maxim Fadeev, besides Miami has an affair with Nastya Ivlieva – leading “eagle and tails”. But, how did you learn the “StarHit”, previously he was relationship with Nastya’s colleague Natalie Nevedrova. However, it ended badly: the guy cheated on her and “threw” in the money.

“Natalie and Oleg met during his stay at the “House-2″, – told us a friend Neverova Elena. He was so sincere, swore in love… When I left the project, Natalie was supported, gave money, helped with the work, because then he was broke”.

Even convinced a friend who has rented an apartment for letting Oleg is also there to live. “After that the couple started having problems, – Elena continues. Miami didn’t come home, was always gone somewhere. It lasted six months, and then he disappeared completely, taking 50 thousand rubles, deferred girls. Even some time not been in touch, but then showed up and began to make excuses – they say, did not take the money. However, later confessed and apologized, but the stolen amount was not returned. Natalie had to settle with a friend. Relationship with Oleg she then, of course, stopped. Now do not communicate. He even denies that they were having an affair. Probably afraid that the theft may emerge”.