Олег Майами нашел новую любовь после расставания с Настей Ивлеевой The singer shed light on personal life. Since the premiere of the clip Oleg Miami, starring Nastya Ivleva, it took several months. As it turned out, the young people decided to disperse, what the artist said during a live broadcast.
Олег Майами нашел новую любовь после расставания с Настей Ивлеевой

At the end of December of last year Oleg Miami presented the video for the song “If you’re with me”, which starred the blogger Nastia Ivlieva. The video was very warmly accepted by Internet users and has gained over 5.4 million views on YouTube. The Network has admired the harmony that prevailed in the relationship Nastya and Oleg. Fans young people could not get enough of their happiness.

Some time ago Oleg went live on Instagram in which he shed light on personal life. The singer admitted that broke up with Ivlievu.

“Nothing of the sort happened. Just now everyone lives their lives. No, we’re not together,” he said.
Олег Майами нашел новую любовь после расставания с Настей Ивлеевой

After the premiere of the clip Oleg were suspected of PR on the novel by Anastasia. The Network has suggested that the artist only uses big reason to attract attention. Miami denies such speculation.

“We are friends, not together recently. There are many versions of PR, not PR. I’ve never tried due to someone in PR. We have a Nasty old story, those who look “HH” (blog Amiran Sardarov. – Approx.) remember how I confessed my love for her. Since that time, we began to chat. And then it so happened that I started Dating, but not advertise it. Was just the two of us. And then it just Got Nasty lot of work, me too. Somehow that’s not working,” – said the artist.

Fans of the couple believed that they look great together. “I agree, we with Nastya were good for each other. At some point it even seemed that the perfect nowhere. (…) We were just super, so the video turned out so natural and alive,” said Miami.

At the moment the heart, Oleg is busy. The singer admitted, that there is one girl that he likes. The actor did not disclose the name of his lady, for fear of attracting unwanted attention to his personal life.

“Can’t say that I have a bachelor life. I still like the one girl talk. To advertise do not plan”, – shared the singer.

Conversing with the fans, Oleg also spoke about his relationship with Amiran by Sardarova. Once the singer appeared regularly in his blog “Diary Hacha”, but eventually decided to stop acting. Miami has made it clear that is not happy from the behavior of Amiran. Despite the fact that the artist can be seen in the issue dedicated to the wedding of Dmitry Tarasova and Anastasia Kostenko, he, apparently, has not established communication with Sardarova.

“There are literally a couple of seconds, I don’t even remember what they filmed. But put, as always, that it would be beneficial to him. He once again proved to be not very. And so, in General, well, it was” – these words Oleh footage in a vlog Amiran.