Олега Газманова задержали на литовской границе The singer was not allowed into the country. Name the Russian artist was on the black list of persons for whom entry to Lithuania is prohibited. According to the staff of customs, they had to change something.

      Russian singer Oleg Gazmanov was an unwelcome guest in Lithuania. The man flew to Vilnius, but to get to the Baltic city could not. The star is not released from the airport. Gazmanov told about his adventure to the subscribers of Instagram.

      The artist was affixed to the Schengen visa, which you can move freely throughout the territory of the European Union. However, this has not prevented the customs officers of the airport of Vilnius not to let Gazmanov in the country. It turned out that his name was in a list of persons banned entry to the territory of the state. According to the singer, to know in advance that people were in the stop-list is impossible, as well as find out which a certain citizen of Russia not to cross the border with Lithuania.

      “Flew “from gate turn”. That way, so there is more moral impact! To explain why not allowed, the customs officer I can’t. He’s extremely uncomfortable, and he awkwardly explains that he respects me, and likes my songs, but nothing depends on him,” – said Oleg.

      Gazmanov were given the opportunity to stay in a hotel that is part of the airport complex. According to him, the hotel staff with a great desire took pictures with him and asked for autographs. Fans have supported the musician, noting that they were surprised that the Lithuanian authorities have mixed music with politics. “Very powerful post! You were so good, that out of a negative situation came out so good and beautiful!” “It is important that you are adequate people and adequate people who love you and understand this perfectly well. Do not waste your nerves, the system is not correct”, – such comments left under the post of the singer to his fans.

      Gazmanov remembered his predydushimi performances in Lithuania and noted that the likes of the Baltic audience. The artist hopes that the situation will change and he will again be able to delight fans living in Vilnius, with their performances.

      By the way, Gazmanov goes on tour on cities of Russia. Recently the singer has collected a full house of fans in Kaliningrad and Sochi. However, last weekend the artist spent in the society of his wife and children in the Silver forest, where they located the house. Oleg Gazmanov staged family sports weekend

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